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2019 - 2020 Beach Re-Nourishment Project

 We are pleased to announce that through federal and state funding Tybee is undergoing a beach and dune re-nourishment starting in December 2019 and continue through mid-January, 2020. This project, once completed, will strengthen our dune system and protect our island and its properties from storm surge associated with future hurricanes and tropical storms for many years to come. 

There will be some beach crossover and beach closures from the jetties (rocks) on the North end of the island to Chatham Avenue on the South end of the island that will occur as a result of this project. The work will start at the north end of the island and move south.  During this time there will be appropriate signage and site watchmen at the closure areas for your safety. The plan is only for small sections of the beach to be closed at any given time and re-opened immediately following completion. Below is Tybee Island’s official Beach Renourishment Schedule.

Ultimately, this minor disturbance will result in a more beautiful beach for all to enjoy for many years to come.