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Celebrate All Music at the Savannah Music Festival

30 Mar 2018
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What is so special about the Savannah Music Festival is it brings eclectic music and with it the artist that perform it and the audiences that come to listen to it.  The concerts are held in various historic venues throughout the city – you’ll see one concert in a place of worship, the next in a ships museum garden, another in a beautifully restored theater, and another in a restored building that has come back to life as a unique venue.  Trust us, go from performance to performance in one night.  It will blow your mind to go from a classical concert to a “roots” concert and on to a late-night jam.  It is the truly the best way to experience the Savannah Music Festival!

Here are a few of the concerts recently recommended by SMF’s Executive Director, Rob Gibson with commentary from one of our employees who worked for Savannah Music Festival for eight years.

• Stile Antico described as a dozen soaring and glorious voices giving a rare performance of the late Renaissance masterpieces, The Tenebrae Responsories by Tomás Luis de Victoria, the most famous composer in 16th-century Spain.  The last time Stile Antico performed at the Savannah Music Festival, their voices filled the Cathedral like thousands of angels singing praise and lifting all who were fortunate enough to be experiencing the beauty of it all – the music and the magnificent St. John’s Cathedral.


• A World of Strings with unbelievable artists performing on different stringed instruments.  Rob Gibson loves to program these types of events where artists performing together, often for the first time.  The chemistry is built as the performance continues with wonderful one-time only surprises along the way.  And, Mike Marshall on mandolin doesn’t get much better.


• Birdman is a performance that includes the Academy Award for Best Picture film with the original music segments performed by and being performed live at SMF by Jazz percussionist Antonio Sánchez.  If you never been to a performance with film and live music, now is the time.  It is an experience to leave you mesmerized and talking about for years to come.