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Tap Your Way Into the New Year

10 Jan 2020
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Say Yes to You and Tap Your Way Into the New Year

By Sandy Evenson, Personal Empowerment Coach

As another year rolls around and another decade slides by, people are asking, “Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions?” We’ve all been there, done that, so many times, only to break those January promises to ourselves halfway through the month. Then we beat ourselves up about it, feel defeated and think why bother? I have a different approach where you can literally tap into more success and lower your stress… and, you don’t need tap shoes! 

As a coach, I show people who are, feeling overwhelmed, in their professional and personal lives, how to overcome resistance and reclaim their inner power, so they can enjoy the abundant, joyful life they desire. 

One of the methods I teach is called Tapping, or EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique. It’s a powerful, effective, mind-body tool that works on a variety of physical and emotional challenges with extraordinary results. 

You simply tap with your fingertips on acupuncture points on your face and body, voicing how you feel about an issue while focusing specifically on your negative emotions. Tapping sends a calming signal to your brain that buffers down your stress response and helps balance the energy in your body. 

It’s a simple technique that can be done anywhere at any time, at home, in your car, or even walking on the beach!
As you use Tapping to voice and clear your negative emotions you will feel the lightness that comes from releasing what’s been stuck inside of you, often since you were very young. Something magical happens. As you shift your energy everybody else shifts. They behave differently around you and the things that bothered you before don’t even seem to matter. Because you are beginning to experience an empowered life.

So let’s forget the resolutions.

For a brighter more fulfilling year, start by listing what’s called “More Of’s”. What gives you joy that you want to call in more of for yourself this year? Make a long list full of things and experiences you want to have. Pay special attention to the feeling you will have when you get them. Nothing is off-limits. Write down whatever you want, dancing in the moonlight, the breeze in your hair, riding down the road in a new car, days filled with laughter, passionate love, or quiet solitude, more income, or a dream vacation. Now look at your list and say this out loud, “I deserve all of this and more!” 
Did that trigger a response from your inner critic? That’s when you use Tapping! Voice any negativity and self-doubt. Move the energy toward the power of possibility. Look at your list every day. Better yet gather images that represent your More Of’s and create a vision board, digital or on a poster board. Get clear on what you really want. This process tells the Universe you are ready to receive! 
This is your year to give yourself permission and say yes to you! 

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