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Tybee Island Lighthouse Sunset Tours- A Must See!

11 May 2015
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Our marketing team was able to visit the the Tybee Island Lighthouse for a special tour last Friday evening. The Tybee Island Lighthouse offers daily tours but we were able to attend one of the special Sunset Tours which are offered during the Spring, Summer and early Fall months. On this unique tour not only did we have the opportunity to explore the amazing Tybee Island Lighthouse but then we were able to gaze out to 360 degree viewing area and watch as the sun sets over the ocean and watch as the sky changes into amazing  beautiful indescribable colors.

For the tour, you can ascend the 178 steps and view out of the 6 different windows to view the ocean and Tybee itself. Once you reach the top you will be able to step out onto the 360 railed platform (very sturdy I may add) and you can view all of Tybee Island's North Beach and the surrounding ocean. We can imagine that the view is spectacular at any time of the day, but especially so at night. Once the sun sets and you take all the photos of the sunset you wish, then you descend down the stairs and are able to take pictures of the lighthouse at night. But the tour is not over yet! You will then also have the opportunity to explore the two keepers living areas and see how it was to live at the lighthouse in the days when it was still a beacon that needed to be maintained.


We would love to tell you all about everything we learned on the tour but we don't want to discuss it all because you truly need to experience it yourself. But we will share with you a few of the fun facts that we learned to get you excited about taking this tour.

  • People may think that the life of a Lighthouse keeper can be lonely and desolate. But for anyone who was stationed at Tybee, they were considered truly lucky. Not only were there homes set up for numerous workers and their families but during different times of its history the military was right out side its door. Residing on Tybee, even if was only accessible by boat, and was usually quiet and unoccupied was better any day of the week compared to those lighthouse keepers who lived on a barren rock in the harsh weather on other northern based posts. You can image that you were truly lucky to be placed on Tybee with its great year long warmer weather.
  • There are 178 steps in the Lighthouse.
  • The third version of the Lighthouse still exists and is the bottom of the Lighthouse we see today. The third lighthouse was build in 1773, which means that the bottom of the lighthouse is older then the formation of the United States by the constitution.
  • There are 6 windows on 6 platforms where you can stop for a moment and look out as you climb the stairs of the lighthouse, each window giving you a more amazing view as you ascend.
  • Bring you camera, you do not want to miss taking those amazing photos.
  • You cannot tell by the outside, but the whole lighthouse is made from brick. You can really see the details once you step inside of the structrure.

We would like to thank Desiree who was our amazing tour guide. Thank you for taking us on a new adventure and we all hope everyone will have a chance to experience this tour for yourself! Space is limited, so if you are are interested in taking this tour, you must make a reservation. The Sunset Tour is only being held on the following 2015 dates : 

  • May 22
  • June 12 & 26 
  • July 10 & 24
  • August  7 & 21
  • September 4 & 18
  • October 2 & 23

Don't wait, call today to make your reservations and tell them TVR sent you! For Reservations call 912-786-5801. To help you get excited about planning this experience, check out these amazing photos taken during the tour. Enjoy!