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Newest Travel Trend: Midweek Vacations

8 Mar 2019
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Trade your blaring Monday morning alarm clock for an afternoon poolside, sipping a glass of your favorite wine. We all could use a break from the daily stress of balancing work life, home life, and your personal "you time" to regain your sanity. It can be hard to juggle so many responsibilities at once. Sometimes, you just have to drop everything and make some time to take care of you! So, why not take a midweek vacation? 

It's the Newest Travel Trend

Let's take a survey: How many of your traveling friends plan a vacation during the week? How many times have you planned a mid-week vacation for yourself? Most travelers usually start a trip on Friday and end it on Sunday. So, it becomes a "weekend getaway" where they venture out, visit new places and try new things. The bad news is, they are accompanied by every other traveler doing the same thing! But, being the savvy traveler that you are, you’re reading this blog and realizing there’s more to traveling that you haven't experienced yet. It’s true, some trends come and go with time and generations. But this one is here to stay. So, jump on it before the word gets out and everyone starts changing their travel plans!

You Can Beat the Crowds

Think about it … It’s Tuesday and you’re on vacation in a brand-new city. Where is everyone else? Locals are usually working, and the travelers are still at home, waiting for the weekend to come so they can take their trip. That means you basically have a whole city to yourself! So, you can stroll through the crowd free streets and soak up your surroundings. Take a morning jog through the city and take in all the sights. Find a park, sit on a bench, and take a moment to breathe the fresh air! Roll down a bike trail and enjoy the peace of nature around you. You can do all these things without the interruptions of a huge crowd of travelers!

Great Travel Rates 

Let’s be honest, traveling can be expensive. But you’re way ahead of the curve because you now know that rates across the travel industry are discounted for midweek travelers. Because businesses want a booked calendar, they tend to have special midweek promotions and discounts to encourage people to travel during the week. So, do some digging and find those savings! You’ll be glad you did. Savings = More money in your pocket. And more money in your pocket means more money to spend on things like personalized city tours, a relaxing spa package, or a dinner special at a new restaurant. The possibilities are endless when you feel empowered with savings!

Access to Exclusive Local Events/Discounts 

Join the locals and experience the midweek savings that you would have missed out on if you planned a “weekend getaway”. Most businesses and restaurants have exclusive events and discounts that only occur during the week. For example, Congress Street Up, a 20's era Speakeasy above Savannah's only Prohibition Museum, hosts an exclusive Cocktail making class every Monday night! While there, you learn about the history of the cocktail you make. The best part: you can sip on your creation while socializing with locals! Travel back in time and visit the historic Tybee Post Theatre on Tuesday. Grab some popcorn and wine and enjoy a film in this uniquely preserved 1930's movie venue. Spend your Wednesday evening with locals and enjoy a live event at the Sentient Bean. End your midweek vacation with a Lowcounrty Cuisine at Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room


midweek vacations on tybee island


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