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Stroll Savannah's Squares

10 Jul 2019
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Local Tips & Tidbits

Savannah in the summertime is breathtaking! So, grab your walking shoes and spend your afternoon exploring Savannah’s 22 squares! Fun fact:There were originally 24 squares, but two are now used for urban development. Each marked by a historic landmarker, the squares are a must see when touring Savannah. Take time to stop under the shade of the oak trees and get a quick history lesson on the monuments located throughout. Laid out in a grid like format, each square is separated by 1-2 blocks of local shops, museums, beautiful inns, historic churches, and historic homes. Local tip: If the sun is shining in the sky, walk on the shaded side of the street to experience the beauty of our Southern city! 


Need a map? Follow this link to download a printable version to guide you through your tour!