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Top 10 Things to Bring with you on your Tybee Vacation

5 May 2020
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There is nothing better than packing up the car, the family, and the pets and hitting the road for a trip out of town. That trip is the best when it is a trip to Tybee Island, Georgia, for an extended stay at a beach vacation rental property. Nothing could be better than to sink your toes into the sand on Georgia's favorite beach! So after months of planning and anticipation, it is time to organize and get to packing. Here is a Top Ten list of things you must not forget to bring with you when you come.

1.  Groceries!  Bring things you know you will want to eat for the first 24 to 48 hours. If you are on a short stay, it makes it much easier to have everything you need. If you are staying a bit longer, you can quickly run to the local grocery store to stock up for the remainder of your trip. Your vacation home will be equipped with all of the essentials to cook meals. Tybee Vacation Rentals will ensure you have a coffee maker with a starter set of coffee filters as well as a toaster in the kitchen. 

2. Toilet Paper & Cleaning Fluid. If the recent events of Covid19 have taught us anything, it is 'BYOTP'!  TVR will ensure there is one roll plus one back up roll in each bathroom. However, to conserve paper products, we have limited our supply. Bring your own to carry you through your stay. Guests staying for longer periods may also want to bring along some cleaning supplies and paper towels. Your home will be professionally cleaned and sanitized upon your arrival. However, we do not leave any chemicals at the property. Guests may bring solutions to wipe down surfaces as they need. Also, we will supply 1 roll of paper towels plus 1 back up to get you started on your stay.


3.  Bottled Water.  Bring plenty of your favorite drinking water for yourself and your family. The water on Tybee Island is perfectly fine for drinking. However, many people prefer filtered or bottled water. Your vacation home will not have a water filter or bottled water, so be prepared to bring drinking water or buy some when you get here.

4.  Seasoning and Oils for cooking.  Your vacation home will be well-stocked with cookware, utensils, plates, and glasses, and many things to bring the meal to the table. However, as a matter of guest safety, we do not stock any oils and spices - or any other perishable items needed for cooking. Bring along any necessary items to spice up your dishes.

5. Soaps & Toiletries.  Don't forget your favorite soaps, lotions, shampoo, and toothpaste. TVR will have a small dish soap at the kitchen sink and hand soap bars at each bathroom sink. There are several convenience stores and a grocery store on the Island if you need to purchase these items while you are visiting. 


6.  Cooler for drinks/food for the beach.  You will want to have a cooler -  or two to carry drinks and snacks to the beach, so you don't have to leave your beach chair to fetch some snacks for the kiddos! Pack it with ice-cold beverages (no glass ever on the beach), and some fresh fruit to quench your thirst in the hot sun.

7.  Beach Clothes and Flip Flops. While this may seem like an obvious suggestion, there is a reason why there are so many shops on the beach that carry these items. Parents often get so excited to get on the road, they have thought of every single thing for everyone, but forget to pack for themselves. Also, closed-toe shoes are highly overrated for the beach. No shoes, no shirt, no service, but flip flops and coverups count as both. Do not fret if you cannot find the perfect pairing of flip flops and coverups. You can find the latest trends at Seaside Sisters when you get to Tybee Island.


8.  Sunscreen. SPF of all kinds. You really cannot have enough sun lotion. Be sure to buy all your favorite brands, but try various levels of protection. Kids should wear SPF 50 - 100. The summer sun on Tybee is intense, but remember, it is not only the summer sun that can burn and damage your skin. Cloudy and windy days can also bring you days of misery after the fact. Even cooler days can burn sensitive skin. Try also some after sun lotion. Lotion with Aloe will help soothe a burn; it is a must to have on hand.

 9.  Beach Chairs and Beach Towels. Your vacation rental will have bath towels for use inside the home. Be sure to pack beach towels for use outside of the home. If you are staying at a pool property, you will need towels for the pool. Bring beach chairs, and beach gear for time spent on the beach. If you would prefer to rent beach gear while visiting, check out Tims Bike and Beach Gear - they will deliver to your rental, to take the hassle out of packing them. 

10.  Bicycles.  The absolute best way to discover everything Tybee Island has to offer is to experience the island by bike. There are unique discoveries to be found while pedaling around the small island. If you have a bike rack and can bring your bikes, you will certainly be happy to have them for transportation and entertainment while visiting. Bike rental is available from Fat Tire Bikes or Tim's Bike and Beach Gear if you would prefer not to strap them to your vehicle. They offer a variety of styles and sizes to get your whole family moving on two wheels. Be sure to check out Tybee's bike path for a quiet and safer way to explore Tybee.