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Housekeeping and Linen Standards


Cleanliness has always been a top priority. We take pride in welcoming each guest with a clean and safe home away from home.  TVR is a longstanding member of the Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professionals Association (VRHP), and our team is committed to following the best practices and proven cleaning protocols at all times for the safety of our guests and our employees. 


Our Housekeeping Team members have been properly trained to clean our vacation rentals. We provide ongoing training on the proper use of approved chemicals and cleaning materials.  We thoroughly research all products and chemicals to ensure that we clean our properties to the highest standard. Before guest arrival, our team will sanitize and disinfect all areas, including bathrooms and "high-touch" points in the property. High-touch points in your property include, but are not limited to:

Light switches, outlets, lamp and fan pull-chains and switches
Cabinet pulls and knobs
Controls for large appliance and electronics (washer and dryer, dishwasher, stove)
Temperature controls
Bureau drawer knobs or pulls
Remote controls
Stair railings and outdoor porch railings

The disinfectants and sanitizers our housekeeping team uses can help contain and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses, per the EPA/CDC/OSHA. Linens and towels are laundered offsite at our linen facility; soiled linens are treated as if they are contaminated. Our trained housekeeping staff uses the best hygiene practices at all times.  With the combinations of these best practices, our employees, clients, and guests should be safe from the spread of coronavirus.


Tybee Vacation Rentals proudly owns and operates a full-time linen processing facility, located in Tybee Island. This facility launders and sanitizes all linens and terry towels used in the properties we manage.  TVR utilizes one of the most advanced Ozone laundry systems; ozone is effective and can kill microorganisms found in dirty laundry faster than bleach.* Our Ozone system ensures energy and water savings, complete disinfection, and superior quality to that of our competitors not using the Ozone system. Our full-time staff members work to ensure all soiled linens as handled as if they are contaminated, therefore reducing the risk of cross-contamination into our clean space. Tybee Vacation Rentals is proudly anticipating the opening of our all-new Housekeeping and Laundry facility, which will have a larger capacity to increase our linen and laundry processing.


*Ozone Laundry Systems information