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Generali Global Assistance Travel Insurance


Tybee Vacation Rentals has contracted with CSA Travel Protection, now known as Generali Global Assistance, to offer you optional trip cancellation insurance. We offer two types of insurance Standard Travel Insurance and Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) Travel Insurance.

Both policies offer a 10-Day Free Look - You will have the ability to cancel your coverage and receive a full refund of the insurance policy within 10 days of purchase if you are not completely satisfied – as long as you haven’t left for your trip or filed a claim. 

Standard Travel Insurance (Policy G-332CSA)

Protect your vacation investment against hurricane evacuations, injury, sickness, job loss, death and other unforeseen covered circumstances - which can cause cancellation of confirmed reservations and a forfeiture of payments. Best of all travel protection is not just provided for you, but all of your travel companions! The cost is 6.95% of the rent, guest fees, housekeeping fees and taxes shown above. The insurance can be purchased at the time of booking your reservation or prior to paying your final balance. 

Here is a sample of the travel protection this policy offers you:

  • Trip Cancellation (100% of Trip Cost, up to $50,000 per plan)
  • Trip Interruption (150% of Trip Cost, up to $75,000 per plan)
  • Travel Delay (up to $600 day, $6,000 per plan)
  • Baggage Coverage (Up to $1,000 of loss or theft, up to $10,000 per plan)
  • Medical and Dental Expense during your stay ($250,000 per plan)
  • Emergency Assistance & Transportation ($1,000,000 per plan)
  • Rental Car Damage ($25,000 per plan)
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Identity Theft
  • And much more. Full policy details are available. 

Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance (Policy G-330CFAR)

With CFAR, it doesn’t matter why you have to cancel your trip - you just can! This policy provides all of the benefits* of the standard travel insurance policy, with the additional benefit of being able to cancel your trip, for any reason, 48 hours or more before you’re scheduled to depart for your trip. The cost of CFAR coverage is 11.2% of the rent, guest fees, housekeeping fees and taxes shown above and will reimburse a maximum of 75% of the total trip cost (up to $7,500). 

All purchases of CFAR coverage must take place within 24 hours of initial deposit.  Remember that we offer a 10-Day Free Look so don't delay in adding on your CFAR coverage and miss your chance for this unique protection. 

Cancellation Reasons Covered with your CFAR benefit (75% of Trip Cost Insured, up to $7,500)

  • You simply change your mind and don't want to come. 
  • You decide the weather forecast doesn't look appealing (too much rain the the forecast, risk of hurricane but no evacuation called).
  • Your travel companions decide they can’t come and you don’t want to vacation without them.
  • Unexpected financial concerns come up that make you second guess taking a vacation.
  • One of your children has an unplanned can't miss event come up.
  • An unexpected work-related conflict arises.
  • Your family pet is sick and you therefore you can't travel.
  • The special event (concert, festival, wedding, etc) that you were coming for was cancelled. 
  • You have pre-existing medical conditions which would be excluded under the standard plan.

*Important Note: G-332CSA: Your or your traveling companion’s sickness or injury must first occur after you purchase your plan in order to have coverage. Pre-existing medical conditions are generally excluded from coverage. However, coverage is available through the CFAR plan. G-330CFAR: All purchases of CFAR coverage must take place within 24 hours of initial deposit. Reimburses up to 75% of your prepaid, forfeited, non-refundable Trip Cost if you have to cancel. Trip cost limits are lower than the G-332CSA plan, max of $10,000 for standard trip cancellations, $15,000 for trip interruptions. The reason for your cancellation doesn’t matter, but you will need to meet a few other requirements. Review a Description of Coverage/Policy for full details. These products are unavailable to residents of the State of New York and Hawaii.I

If you have questions, call Generali/CSA directly at (866) 999-4018.

Protect Your Vacation

We recommend that all Guests purchase this coverage for added financial protection in cancellation situations where we are unable to refund payments. You will have ten (10) days from the date you purchase the trip cancellation policy to review the policy and cancel, in writing, if you do not elect to purchase the coverage. Refunds and coverage issues will be based and determined solely by Generali Global Assistance and the existing policy will be issued to a guest if coverage of this insurance has been elected upon making reservation. 

About Generali Global Assistance®

Generali Global Assistance is dedicated to providing value-driven travel insurance and emergency assistance services to protect your investments and provide the peace of mind you deserve while traveling. Since its inception in 1991, Generali Global Assistance has solidified its reputation for standing behind its customers and evolving products and services to meet your needs.