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Rental Policies


Please review our special message in regards to Coronavirus.


A few specific restrictions are noted below. Upon rental, a complete listing of terms, conditions, and policies will be sent to you in the Rental Agreement and Policies document.  

  • All properties are non-smoking.
  • Occupancy numbers are strictly enforced. Do not exceed the maximum allowed number of occupants in a property. Occupancy limits include day and overnight guests.
  • Off-street parking, if available, is limited to the specific number of passenger cars listed per property. 
  • No Campers, Boats, Trailers, or other Recreational Vehicles are allowed at any TVR property without advance approval at the time of booking. 
  • House parties, prom groups, college groups, events, receptions, and kegs are prohibited.
  • Pets are prohibited in non-pet friendly properties and all pets must be disclosed in advance of reservation with additional pet fees paid. 
  • Must be 25 years of age or older to enter into a Rental Agreement. Non-family groups require all occupants to be over the age of 25.

Minimum Days

There is a three (3) night minimum for most advanced bookings. Many properties have higher nightly minimum day rules during peak season (May 15 - August 15) - see individual property listing page for details. We may offer a two (2) night minimum stay for last-minute bookings, or to fill an available gap that is shorter than the usual minimum stay requirement (not available on all properties). Call a local Vacation Planner for assistance with these reservations if the online system does not allow the booking.


Guests staying on Tybee will check-in at the Tybee Vacation Rentals office. Check-in time is 4:00 pm, check-out time is 10:00 am (March 1-October 9) and 11:00 am (Oct. 10 - Feb. 28) for Tybee, and 11:00 am for Savannah. (Some properties require a 4:30 pm check-in time to guarantee the property will be ready for your arrival). During the months of November-February, we are able to offer an 11:00 am check-out time. Guests staying in Savannah will check-in directly to their property. We must strictly follow designated check-out times in order to prepare the property for the next guests ... overstaying check-out time can result in a $50.00 minimum charge. Half-day rent will be charged for unapproved check-outs past noon and one (1) day rent will be charged past 2:00 pm. Guests may request an early check-in no more than 24 hours in advance of arrival or late check-out no later than 24 hours in advance of departure. If approved, a $25 per hour charge will apply with a two (2) hour maximum. Early check-in and late check-out requests are not honored during peak season (May 15 - August 15).

Reserving Your Stay

After reserving a property with Tybee Vacation Rentals, you will receive an email confirmation of the booking and then another email with your Reservation Confirmation/Rental Agreement and Policies. You will need to review and sign the contract within three (3)days from the date the reservation is made or 24 hours if your arrival date is within 15 days. Your reservation is not final until we receive a signed copy of your Rental Agreement and have spoken to you on the phone to confirm your reservation. 

Payment Terms (Including Book Now, Pay Later)

At the time of reservation, a minimum of $175 non-refundable payment is required (along with the cost for optional trip insurance if selected). Tybee Vacation Rentals is pleased to offer all guests who book directly with us either over the phone or on our website a special payment policy, which when booking far in advance of your dates of stay, only requires the $175 initial payment and the second payment (50% Rent + Tax) would not be due until 150 Days in advance of arrival. The final payment which is equal to the remaining balance is due 15 days prior to arrival. For guests who choose to book through a third-party and for those reserving within 150 Days of arrival, the second payment (50% Rent + Tax) is due ten (10) days after booking and the final payment (remaining balance) is due 15 days prior to arrival. If you choose to release your reservation for any reason after securing your reservation, but prior to making your second payment, you would forfeit the initial $175 payment as that is equal to the amount of your cancellation fee.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex. You may also pay by ACH/Electronic Check or Personal Check (US Only) prior to 14 days before arrival. Reservations made within 15 days of arrival require full payment at the time of booking. 

Online Bookings / After-Hours Reservations

Online bookings are not confirmed until you have spoken with a Guest Services Representative of TVR. Guest Services will attempt to call you within 24-48 hours to confirm your online reservation request. Your reservation may be canceled if we have not spoken with you within that time period or if payment is not received within the required time periods listed.

Advance Year Reservations 

We offer our guests the first option to re-rent their vacation dates for the following year.  We will hold your vacation dates for seven (7) days after your arrival date prior to releasing to rent on a first come first serve basis. Reservations are available 365 days in advance. Advance year reservations are available at the currently published rate. Those reserving stays more than five (5) months in advance will be offered the ability to book now with only $175 down and your next payment is not due until 150 days prior to your arrival!


You are required to provide a credit card number as a guarantee.  

Guest Services Fee 

A non-refundable guest services fee is required for all reservations. This fee will be billed based on the number of bedrooms within the property you have rented. The fee is $15.00 per night for properties with 1 bedroom, $20.00 per night for properties with 2-3 bedrooms, $25.00 per night for properties with 4-5 bedrooms, $30.00 per night for properties with 6 bedrooms, and $35.00 per night for properties with 7 bedrooms. The guest services fee is capped at a maximum 7-day rate for stays 27 days or less. The non-refundable guest services fee includes Accidental Damage Protection coverage for up to $500.00 of unintentional damage, 24‐7 emergency assistance, free after‐hours lock‐out services, guest mobile /smartphone application, and use of TVR guest information center which offers complimentary computer/ WIFI, copy/fax services, DVD rentals, activity and other local recommendations. All reservations deemed to require a security deposit will be assessed an additional non-refundable $50.00 security deposit inspection fee. Stays over 28 days will be charged a $150 non-refundable reservation fee in lieu of the guest services fee. 

Housekeeping and Linen Fee 

All properties require payment of a non-refundable housekeeping fee. The housekeeping fee is noted in your rental confirmation and based on the size of the property and the sleeping capacity.


Tybee Vacation Rentals provides a basic supply of bed and bath linens in each property (sheets on each bed, 2 towels and 2 washcloths per person up to the property capacity, and hand towel(s) in each bath). Should you require extra linens, you should plan to bring them, or you can launder them during your stay. We do offer an add-on extra towel rental package for $10 which includes 2 bath towels, 2 washcloths, and 1 hand towel. Bed linens and bath towels are not changed during your stay. Beach towels are not provided.

Pet Policy

No Pets are allowed in or on the premises unless TVR has expressly authorized such use (type and weight of dog must be listed on the lease and non-refundable fee(s) paid). Our 'no pet' homes do not allow pets anywhere on or about the premises. If you wish to bring your pet, choose a pet-friendly property (dogs only (no puppies), cats may be approved at the discretion of the property owner). Pet limits vary by property, in general, there is a limit of one (1) domestic adult pet per property and we require a non-refundable $20.00 per day pet fee. If more than one (1) pet is approved then each additional pet would be $15.00 per day, per pet. An additional pet deposit may be required. The per-day pet charge is calculated for the first seven (7) days of the stay for all stays 27 days and under. Stays 28 days and more require a non-refundable $300.00 per pet fee. The guest is responsible for cleaning the area around the property of all pet excretions and removing pet hair from inside the property and all furnishings prior to departure. In the event of additional cleaning or laundering services due to pet hair, TVR will bill you for the additional housekeeping costs. PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON FURNITURE OR BEDDING. Accidental Damage Protection covered by the Guest Services Fee does not cover any damage or flea infestation caused by a pet. Tybee Island is a pet-friendly place, however, the City enforces a mandatory leash law and prohibits pets on the beaches (fine is $300 for pets on the beach). IMPORTANT: IF YOU HAVE A PET THAT IS NOT LISTED ON THE LEASE AND/OR NO PET FEE(S) HAVE BEEN PAID, THE UNAUTHORIZED OCCUPANCY OF PET(S) WILL RESULT IN EXPEDITED EVICTION, FORFEITURE OF ALL MONIES PAID, AND/OR A NON-DECLARED PET FEE OF $300.00 PER PET.

Right of Service 

Tybee Vacation Rentals reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. All rental properties are leased without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or sexual orientation.

Maximum Occupancy and Parking Capacity

Tybee Vacation Rentals has set and published occupancy and parking limits for every unit and strictly enforces these limits. Only passenger vehicles are permitted at rental properties. No RV's, boats, recreational vehicles, or trailers are permitted at any unit without advance written permission from TVR. An additional fee may also apply. The City of Tybee Island does not allow for on-street parking of recreational vehicles, etc.

Rental Properties are for Family Vacations Only 

Tybee Vacation Rentals gladly rents to families or responsible adults over the age of 25 years old. TVR has a “No-Group” policy, which includes but is not limited to the following; school, spring break, college, prom, graduation, wedding receptions, etc. TVR may approve at the time of reservation and at our discretion to rent to groups, but you must disclose at the time of reservation and an additional refundable security deposit would apply. Absolutely no house parties, events, receptions or kegs! We strongly advise you to not jeopardize your family and friends’ vacation by overcrowding or noise violations. TVR represents a few properties that will allow a small family gathering. Such gatherings must be approved prior to arrival and require an additional fee. Please consult a TVR representative for further information and availability. 

Cancellation Policies and Fees 

Free cancellation for 72 hours after booking as long as your trip is more than 15 days away. After that time any payments made will be considered non-refundable, unless the property is re-rented and the full rental amount for your dates of stay is maintained. All cancellations should be requested in writing for your protection and no future payments will be due after written cancellation request is received. Any excess, beyond the full rental amount (Rent, Taxes, Housekeeping Fee, and Guest Services Fee), is refundable minus a $175.00 Cancellation Fee plus applicable taxes. We recommend all guests purchase trip insurance to protect their vacation investment. Please note that trip cancellation insurance premiums paid (if applicable) are non-refundable.

Booking and Cancellation Policies - Your Travel Flexibility

  • Existing Reservations: All reservations, even those booked previously, that are scheduled for departure on or before April 30, 2020, can be rescheduled up to 48 hours prior to arrival for another time in 2020. What you have paid previously would be applied as a credit to the new stay and the change fee would be waived. Limit of one date change per reservation. 
  • New Reservations:
    Departing on or before May 20th: Any new reservation booked between March 13, 2020, and April 30, 2020, which departs on or before May 20th, can be rescheduled for another time in 2020 at the same property up to 48 hours prior to arrival. What you have paid previously would be applied as a credit to the new stay and the change fee would be waived. Limit of one date change per reservation.
    Departing after May 21st: Any new reservation booked departing between May 21st - September 30th, can be rescheduled prior to 15 days before arrival for another time in 2020 at the same property. What you have paid previously would be applied as a credit to the new stay and the change fee would be waived. Limit of one date change per reservation. 

Travel Protection/ Trip Cancellation Insurance 

Tybee Vacation Rentals has contracted with Generali Global Assistance (1-800-554-9839) in order to offer you trip cancellation insurance to protect your vacation investment against hurricane evacuations, injury, sickness, or death and other unforeseen covered circumstances, which could cause cancellation of confirmed reservation and forfeiture of payments. The optional Standard Travel Insurance cost is 6.95% of the Trip Cost (Trip Cost is the total of Rent, Mandatory Guest Fees, and All Taxes) and is not automatically included in the Total Balance Due on the Reservation Confirmation, but can be purchased either at the time of making the reservation or prior to paying your Final Balance. Payment for the plan will not be accepted after TVR has received your Total Balance Due. The optional Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance cost is 11.2% of the Trip Cost and is not automatically included in the Total Balance Due on the Reservation Confirmation, and can ONLY be purchased within 24 hours of your initial payment. You are required to indicate a choice to accept or decline one of the offered optional trip insurance plans on the Rental Confirmation and Rental Agreement. Guests who indicate a choice to accept trip cancellation insurance on the rental agreement, whose balance has not been paid in full, will be immediately charged for premium. We recommend that all Guests purchase one of these coverages for added financial protection in cancellation situations where TVR is unable to refund payments. You will have 10 days from the date you receive the trip cancellation policy to review the policy and cancel, in writing if you do not elect to purchase this coverage. Refunds and coverage issues will be based and determined solely by Generali Global Assistance and the existing policy will be issued to Guest if coverage of this insurance has been elected upon making a reservation.  

Listings and Pricing

The guest is responsible for reviewing the property description, photos, location, and amenities listing online for the property to confirm that it will meet the needs of your group. Information regarding individual listings is believed accurate but cannot be guaranteed. We have made every effort to ensure that all the information on agents' websites is current and accurate. The possibility of errors and omissions exists. We will be happy to confirm all the data contained herein or answer any questions you may have prior to booking your reservation. Rates for holidays, special events, and weekends may be higher.  Rates do not include tax and are subject to change. Rates, furnishings, fees, and taxes are subject to change without notice.

Agency Disclosure 

TVR serves as the agent and representative of all owners of vacation properties in its rental program and is acting at all times in the best interest of the owners.