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Pet Friendly Tybee Island Vacations


Bring the entire family! Tybee Vacation Rentals offers over 100 pet friendly vacation rentals to select from. There is so much to do with your dog when visiting Tybee and Savannah.  Both offer many dog friendly activities and many restaurants with outdoor seating that are happy to have your furry friend join you.  Tybee and Savannah have a sub-tropical climate.  Make sure to keep you dog well-hydrated with plenty of shade.  The strong summer sun makes for very hot pavement, so providing shade is very important and morning and evening walks are best.  Coming in the off season?  It is a beautiful time and temperature to spend outside with your pet!   Also, be sure to read the rules and tips below.  Above all else, please have a doggone good time!  

For ideas on how to spend your vacation with your doggie friend, check out our Planning A Pet Friendly Vacation blog.

Dog Parks:

  • Tybee Island Dog Park: Located on Van Horne St., just past the Police Station. The fenced enclosure allows your dog to enjoy time off leash. Open from dawn till dusk. Please use the parking spaces (free parking) on Van Horne and do not park in the police impound lot. Limit of 2 dogs per handler.
  • Savannah Dog Parks:
    • Herty Pines Dog Park: Located behind Grayson Stadium in Daffin Park. Turn off Victory Dr. when you get to Bee Rd. Offers a fenced shady oasis where dogs can play off-leash.
    • Mother Matilda Beasley Dog Park: Located at 523 E. Broad St., bordering the Historic District.
    • Savannah Dog Park: Located on 41st and Drayton St. in the Starland District. Offers a shaded and fenced play area. 

Rules and Tips: 

  • Pay special attention to signage posted in your vacation home for Dog Owners which covers the following items in additional detail and is updated as necessary.
  • Leash Laws: Both Tybee and Savannah require all pets to be leashed when walking in public spaces - parks, squares, businesses and residential areas. 
  • Dogs are NOT allowed on the beaches of Tybee Island (we are working on it). There is a hefty fine if your dog is caught on any beach on Tybee. We do have two dog parks: one for small dogs and one for large dogs. They are located at the intersection of Van Horne and Fort Streets, between the Police Station and River's End Campground and RV Park.
  • Barking dogs that disturb neighbors will receive a fine. There is a noise ordinance on Tybee and if reported you could face a minimum fine of $222. If you leave your pet for an extended period of time, you must leave it in it's crate to keep it from barking. OR we do have a doggie day care center 10 min. from Tybee. For just $15 per day, your dog can romp in the play yard, and play with other dogs while getting exercise. You can also board your dog at the same place. It's $24 per night up to 15 lbs. and $26 for dogs 16 and over. 
  • Please pick up after your dog. Keeping the Island clean is a plus for everyone.