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Old Savannah Tours

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Old Savannah Tours has been voted Best Savananh Tour every year since 2003!

Since 1979, visitors to Savannah have had the best choice of trolley tours. These tours have been created by Savannahians and refined over time by personal research and local experience which makes each tour as different and descriptive as the guide’s love for our city. This is a far cry from tours scripted by writers in a national chain’s home office. In addition, they do not cut any corners. Hometown expertise with no compromise is why we confidently claim Old Savannah Tours is your best choice. And their tours are pet-friendly, too! It’s no accident that “Savannah” is their middle name. We highly recommended Old Savannah Tours for your sightseeing needs!  Check our their videos and follow Old Savannah Tours on Facebook.

Tours include: 

  • Historic Overview Tour
  • Historic On/Off Tour
  • Savannah Experience Tour
  • Historic Haunts Tour
  • Land and Sea Tour
  • Savannah Girl Scout Tour

Check their website for more information and special offers! So hop on aboard and start exploring Savannah! 

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