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Congress Street Up - Craft Cocktail Classes

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Congress Street Up has been designed to embody an authentic 1920s speakeasy bar. Complete with tin punch ceiling and parquet floors, our speakeasy consists of wooden and brick back bars, period music and costumed bartenders. 

Are you looking for something a little bit different, but still totally unique? Cocktail Classes in Congress Street Up are sure to wet your whistle.

History and learning have never been more hands-on- or tastier! 

Cocktail culture was born during Prohibition when alcohol was so potent and nose curling that bartenders and home brewers started combining mixers with the booze to make it more palatable! We follow the tradition of those early mixologists and will help you learn how to make proper Prohibition Era cocktails in our speakeasy. 

This 1.5-hour long experience takes place in Congress Street Up, the 1920's style speakeasy inside the American Prohibition Museum.Using authentic bar equipment and learning from our expert bartenders, you’ll create Prohibition Era cocktails that will impress your friends for years to come.