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Forsyth Park

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Forsyth Park is the largest park in the Historic District of Savannah Georgia.  It was laid out in the 1840's.  The park covers 30 acres of land just south of Gaston Street and north of Park Avenue. The east border of Forsyth Park is Drayton Street and on the west is Whitaker.  For locals and tourists, Forsyth Park is a hub of social interaction.  Concerts, recreation sports, weddings, people watching, sun bathing, reading, relaxing etc, can all be seen going on in Forsyth Park.  On Saturdays there is a great farmer’s market that also takes place in Forsyth Park. 

Perhaps the most well known feature of Forsyth Park is the large fountain that sits at the north end. The fountain was built in 1858.  It resembles a few other fountains found around the world, including fountains found in Paris and Peru.  All around the Forsyth Park Fountain are benches.  On any given day you can find many people, especially locals, lounging on the benches and taking in the scenery.